Closed For The Season

PEI is tidy. There are roads to everywhere. The homes are immaculate and beautifully maintained. But we kept running into the same problem, over and over. Campgrounds, closed. The fish tee shirt factory, closed. The cappucino shop, closed. The red dirt tee shirt shop, yup, closed. Anne of Green Gables was open, and the parking lot was packed with tourist buses, but we didn’t want to visit Green Gables.

Charlottetown was open, and it was in Charlottetown that we met up with our amazing talented granddaughter and dropped off her guitar and bag full of sheet music that we had carefully transported from Campbell River. She never complained about the dog hair that covered her music bag.

We also found some good restaurants. After eating as much seafood as possible, we took the 8 mile long Confederation Bridge into New Brunswick.

The fall colours in Nova Scotia look like a garish Scottish plaid. The fall colours in New Brunswick are beyond garish.

There are huge mushrooms everywhere. Each one is a full meal, or maybe a last supper.

I thought I knew everything about fishing, until I saw these boats in New Brunswick. These tongs are like gigantic salad forks. The fishermen bring up what they pick up off the bottom, and sort through it, looking for what?

We drove for many hours after we left New Brunswick and were more than ready to set up camp. We had a campsite in mind, but we were not sure what to make of the very old ruins we drove past on our way to it. Turned out the campsite was closed for the season. So was our second choice. And the third choice. Tired and cranky, we drove to a really nice hotel in Loup de Riviere. We were greeted by a Beaver flying low over the town as we arrived, and shortly after, as we walked to the restaurant at twilight, we were stopped by the sight of skein after skein of snow geese arriving, coming in on their flight south.

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