The Love Hotel

The truck smells of dirty laundry. The vehicle insurance expires at the end of the month. The Guatemala tourist bureau will provide us with an escort through the country and we pay only for gas and food, but we have to arrange it in advance. We need the Central and South American truck insurance documents printed. We need a 12 volt charger for Bill’s phone. For all of the above we need a town. So we drive into Salina Cruz, and a stop at a mall with a coffee shop, an Office Depot, a Walmart and a hotel. The hotel will take dogs and has free laundry according to Trip Advisor, but when we get there it seems they only take dogs in cages, and our cage is tightly packed in the back and so Bill says no thanks.

The next hotel, the la Quinta isn’t like any La Quinta I have ever seen, so we drive on, only to go past a really nice looking place called the El Eden. We circle back, drive in and then realize it is one of Mexico’s famed love hotels. They rent rooms by the hour but the travel blogs say they take dogs. They are known to be exceptionally clean and this one is especially nice, surrounded by flowers, a romantic arch into a big garden (although not a garden at all when you actually go in, just a vacant lot), and lots of flowers and apples on everything from the towels to the bedding. There is a garage door on your own private parking stall so no one can see your car, and food is delivered in. There are no keys. You are not expected to  leave and return. There is a complimentary condom in the ashtray.

Romantic pink

Romantic pink

We set up lawn chairs in the parking area. It is tiled and has tiled wall like a little patio, with a view of the floral hedge and the romantic arch, tucked away from the road. The breeze is cool. We ordered pizza for lunch. There is nobody else staying here that I can see. The place is spotless. They do laundry and have taken it all away.

The water, the menu and the ashtray

The water, the menu and the ashtray

3 thoughts on “The Love Hotel

  1. Hi I’m Michael’s hunting partner. Was wondering how the Tundra/pop up camper was working out? I understand that the pop up is very lite as far as campers go but the Tundra is only a half ton and having a long wheel base model means that it has an even lower load capacity. Do you wish that you’d gone with a Ford/GM/Dodge three quarter ton? Do you wish that you had opted for a diesel? Was also wondering how you were enjoying the camper and if you would do anything different re: options? Do you think that the company would build in dog kennels, say under the dining area seats, as opposed to storage space? Also, looks like you have a Warne winch? Wonder was the rating was on it?

  2. I am absolutely loving your travel journal! It’s an adventure. Seems like Trip Advisor could do with an update. Thank God you’re both good natured and patient. At least all three of you are getting in some very unique and interesting sight-seeing and some good playtime. Stay safe. Love. Deborah

    • Everywhere we have been seems peaceful, albeit chaotic. Tonight we are by a lake at the Hostel Paradiso in Nicaragua, inhabited by 20 somethings in bikinis. Bill is happy!,
      Love, Nancy

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