Helsinki, Finland – we did it!

The crew left Trondheim at 8 AM and landed at Helsinki – Malmi  airport just over four hours later. The mission was successful and the trip is over. The Beaver has been delivered to the customer!

The hardest part of this leg was getting airside at Trondheim.  Bill wrote”Good morning. This is a large airport – it is going to take a while to get airside. Been through security and lost my toothpaste but not my knife. Will check in from Helsinki.”

Tomorrow night they will take the Finnish Seaplane Pilots Association up on their offer of dinner. For now, the challenge will be to ship all the survival gear back: the aviation life raft, arctic sleeping bags, immersion suits, survival kit, oxygen system and the stove.

And then they can climb on to a scheduled flight and let somebody else fly them home.

Thank you to everyone who has watched over and supported this trip. A very special thank you to you who kept an eye on the tracker at all hours.

The pictures finally arrived:

Bill isn't sure where this was.

Bill isn’t sure where this was.

Crossing the Baltic

Crossing the Baltic

The terminal at Helsinki - Malmi Airport

The terminal at Helsinki – Malmi Airport

The welcoming committee

The welcoming committee

Next day in Helsinki and the weather has changed.

Next day in Helsinki and the weather has changed.

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