Leaving Campbell River

Sometime around noon the loading and trial flights were completed, and Bill and John took the plane in to fuel it up.

Wing Tip Fuel

There were the wing tip tanks to fill.

There were the main tanks and the belly tanks…

Greg watches the action

And the belly tank is slow to fill.

And the black Turtlepac bladder tank.

Getting in the last drop.

The trick is to get the air out and the fuel in.

After a quick lunch, John and Bill are more than ready to go.

Bill and John do the last minute checks.

Bill and John do the last minute checks.

The weather is better to the east.

Taxi out

Taxi out


Over Campbell River

Over Campbell River


Heading East

Heading East to go over the Coast Range to Prince George

But before the plane left, the Sealand Aviation crew took the time to say bon voyage

Thanks to the crew!

Thanks to the crew! and to Bob Kobzey for the best pictures.





One thought on “Leaving Campbell River

  1. Best of luck, dear Bill!!
    Amazing new adventure! I hope we can meet soon again so as to hear your stories after completing this unbelievable flight from Campbell River to Finland.
    I will be following your progress online.
    Best regards.


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