The Northern Flight

Bill is flying to Finland in a Turbo-Beaver, C-FOEV. He is taking the tracker with him, and you can follow his progress at

It’s an all new adventure, but this time Capi and I get to stay home. We are told that we weigh too much. We have been replaced with aviation fuel in a Turtle-Pac. My weight, Capi’s weight and our luggage equal about an hour’s worth of fuel.

The Turtle

The Turtle

The interior of the plane sports a huge black bladder full of fuel. The  aircraft normally packs enough fuel to complete each planned leg of the journey, but, if the weather forces the crew to change their plans, the black bladder gives them the extra time they need to go elsewhere.

100 gallons of fuel

The plane will be flown by John Addison, a very experienced pilot who has flown across northern Canada and the North Atlantic numerous times. Bill is going as co-pilot and engineer. It’s Bill’s job to transfer fuel as needed.

Bill knows what all these do...

Bill knows what all these do…

The proposed route is from Campbell River B.C. to Fort McMurray to Rankin Inlet to Iqaluit to Sandrestrom in Greenland, to Kulusuk in Greenland, to Egisstadir in Iceland, to Trondheim in Norway, to Lappeenranta in Finland.

Looking forward.

Looking forward.

Thanks to Bob Kobzey for the pictures!

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