Wildlife and us

I didn’t get the picture of a porcupine, but the way the light lit up the tips of his quills he looked as showy as a peacock. Nor did we get pictures of the bobcat that stopped briefly to appraise us when we came across him on the road. There was the caribou that melted into the woods, the wolf that trotted away, the little beaver padding across the grassy shoulder.  No pictures of any of them.

But we did get pictures of the buffalo. Bill briefly thought we were looking at a stump when I started shrieking “it’s a buffalo”. We wondered why the other cars paid no attention until we came around the corner and found a small herd of buffalo.

Buffalo wallow


We thought he might get in the car…

In BC and the Yukon there were spruce grouse. Do people still call them “fool hens”? I briefly thought about the celery and carrots and potatoes that we had to make a nice stew.

Ptarmigan ran across the road in the NWT. And the worlds cutest ground squirrel.

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